#GDCamp 2020

Digital Edition

A one-day digital summit of pre-recorded and live talks, activities, and workshops

Pre-Recorded Talks

Photo of a microphone on a sound studio.
Throughout the day the pre-recorded talks will be available for free for everyone.

Live Talks

A person presenting on a stage in front of an audience while pointing to a projected powerpoint.
A livestream will be up and running during the whole day.


A panel of people on stage having a discussion during the Game Dev Camp event.
We'll have a couple of interesting panels with industry people in a open discussion.

Speaker Schedule

Not even 2020 will stop us from making the awaited 7th Edition of Game Dev Camp.

Special Guests

Anisa Sanusi

Des G.

Chris Wulf

Lauren Hunter

Christina-Antoinette Neofotistou

Ben Andac

Jordan Chin

Anushree Jain

Sofia da Silva

Adam Pype

Joonas Turner

Maria Beatriz

Christian Fonnesbech

João Eiras Antunes

Isaque Sanches

Adrián Novell

Ricardo Moura

Todd Mitchell

Finn Fleming

Inês Lima

Sean Gotkin

João Mascarenhas

Tiago Rodrigues

Miguel Cintra

The Venue

Live on Facebook


The event is free and fully digital, the pre-recorded tracks and live tracks will be available on our Facebook event.

Let us know if you'll be attending!

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